Premium quality, durable and reliable air brake actuators

Premium quality Marathon Spring Brakes are designed to provide a long service life with reliable and durable braking performance. Manufactured in an OEM facility, these spring brakes feature superior, engineered materials and a corrosion resistant coating to ensure an extended service life.

Marathon offers a 30/30 complete brake and a 30/30 piggyback kit to handle the majority of your spring brake needs. The brakes utilize an aluminum center body that is durable and corrosion resistant, yet lightweight. The design of our spring brakes provides for extra support at the critical bolt-on area where failures often occur. All Marathon spring brakes are backed by a one year warranty.

Spring Brakes Deliver

  • Premium quality brakes
  • Extended service life
  • Manufactured in OEM plant
  • Engineered materials to ensure performance
  • Coated for extra corrosion resistance
  • Durable aluminum center body, lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Design provides extra support at critical bolt-on area
  • One year warranty