Traction Stopper - TS

An organic friction material providing a long lining life in severe duty and multiple stop applications

Premium, organic Traction Stopper brake linings are designed to handle the high heat and extra-heavy loads found in refuse, concrete, logging, sand and gravel, oil delivery and other tough applications. TS linings provide dependable stopping power with a long service life. This friction material meets Federal regulations in accordance with F.M.V.S.S. 121 test procedure and is rated for 25,000 lb axle loads.

Marathon's DiscStar family of air disc brake pads now feature 100% copper-free formulations and in complete compliance with applicable state and federal regulations as part of the Copper-Free Brake Initiative.

TS linings feature the Hi-Density Marathon formulation that will improve your bottom line through better performance and fewer maintenance headaches.

TS Delivers

  • Ideal for high heat, severe duty applications
  • 100% Copper-free pad formulation
  • Hi-Density formulation for excellent heat dissipation
  • Long lining life
  • Dependable stopping performance
  • Excellent brake fade and recovery characteristics
  • Drum friendly

Test Results

Testing conducted in accordance with F.M.V.S.S. #121 criteria @ 25,000# axle load: 16 1/2 x 7" S-cam air brake; 30 x 5.5 input power; and a 20.7 inch tire rolling radius. Shaded area indicates non-compliance.