GL20 - Green Leaf Technology

A standard grade brake lining designed for 20,000 lb axle over-the-highway tractor and trailer applications

Marathon's R&D group developed Green Leaf GL20 to provide fleets an environmentally friendly option for a standard quality friction material. Ideal for over-the-road freight, general hauling  and other applications that do not require a severe service product. With excellent stopping power and resistance to fade, GL20 meets Federal regulations in accordance with FMVSS121 test procedure and is rated for 20,000 lb axle loads.

GL20 Delivers

  • Ideal for general freight hauling and most 20,000 lb. axle applications
  • Environmentally friendly friction formulation
  • Dependable stopping performance
  • Excellent brake fade and recovery characteristics
  • Extremely drum friendly

Marathon's Green Leaf Technology

Marathon Brake Systems has developed a new green technology that it uses to produce Green Leaf GL20 brake linings. The new GL20 friction material certifies under strict environmental testing and delivers dependable performance. Marathon’s new Green Leaf manufacturing process is designed to produce less in process waste and also to reuse the limited waste created during manufacturing in the formulation of the friction material.
  • Green Leaf technology results in much less waste going to the landfill which is better for the environment
  • GL technology has resulted in dependable product performance characteristics
  • GL20 consumes less raw materials and therefore provides a lower cost to the customer

Marathon's Green Leaf technology results in a 100% copper-free formulation in complete compliance with applicable state and federal regulations as part of the Copper-Free Brake Initiative. GL20 linings certify as N rated per SAE J2975 test criteria for copper and asbestos content, along with heavy metals including antimony, cadmium, chromium, lead, nickel, zinc and mercury to ensure contents are below dangerous limits.

Test Results

FMVSS 121 Test Results

Testing conducted in accordance with F.M.V.S.S. #121 criteria @ 20,000# axle load: 16 1/2 x 7" S-cam air brake; 30 x 5.5 input power; and a 20.8" tire rolling radius. Shaded area indicates non-compliance.