Marathon Brake Systems is a longtime transit market leader providing friction materials for drum brakes. OE Transit Approved KVT Transit and Heat Star Transit brake linings are ideal for transit applications. Specially formulated to handle high temperatures and heavy-duty demands, Marathon friction delivers excellent brake fade and recovery characteristics as well as a long service life. These linings feature Marathon's Hi-Density Friction formulations, resulting in highly reliable brake linings with unbeaten structural integrity. Marathon has more recently applied its friction and transit market expertise to develop DiscStar Transit Premium (DSTP) air disc pads. Designed specifically for air disc brakes, DiscStar Transit Premium pads were created to handle the extreme conditions of transit and coach, as well as severe service applications like fire trucks, refuse and more. Formulated using Marathon's severe service ceramic expertise, DiscStar disc pads exhibit less wear, more effective stopping power and high shear resistance.

KVT - Transit - +28,000 lb

A quiet, long life friction material designed for intracity and intercity bus fleets

- HS Transit - 26,000 lb

A reliable brake lining for long service life and noise-free operation in transit applications

- DSTP - Transit Premium Air Disc Pads - 28,660 lb

A high-performance brake pad designed for air disc brakes, with exceptional wear and low noise characteristics. Ideal for city transit and on-highway coach.

- DSHP - Highway Premium Air Disc Pads - 23,000 lb

A premium brake pad designed for motor coaches and rural buses