Air Disc Rotors

Marathon's air disc rotors are manufactured to OE thickness specifications to resist warping and cracking issues caused by high temperature applications. The rotors feature an optimized venting design and maximized heat sink to further enhance their thermal resistance properties. These rotors are manufactured in an ISO 9000/TS16949 certified plant and are geometrically tested for design, metallurgical composition, hardness and balance. In addition, the rotors undergo a thermal integrity test at high loads. The resulting DiscStar rotor used with a DiscStar pad will provide smooth stopping and a longer service life to lower your maintenance costs.

DISCSTAR Rotors Deliver

  • Engineered to ECE R90 European standards
  • Pillar venting design for faster cooling, less "heat checking" and cracking
  • Maximized heat sink
  • Excellent resistance to warping and cracking caused by high temperatures
  • Manufactured to OE thickness specifications
  • Manufactured in ISO 9000/TS16949 certified plant
  • Geometrically tested for design, metallurgical composition, hardness and balance
  • Tested for thermal integrity at high loads