Air Disc Pads

Marathon's Pad Attachment Technology

A common problem for many commercial vehicle air disc pads is the shearing of the pad from its backing plate, both a safety and maintenance concern. Marathon has developed a proven, reliable attachment method to ensure a high mechanical bond between the friction material and the steel backing plate. As the photos at right illustrate, Marathon's backing plate features IM holes designed to allow the friction to be integrally molded into the backing plate. The design of the backing plate also utilizes a welded wire mesh to ensure the ultimate bond and prevent the shearing so common to other manufacturer's pads.

Marathon's DiscStar family of air disc brake pads now feature 100% copper-free formulations and in complete compliance with applicable state and federal regulations as part of the Copper-Free Brake Initiative.

  • Proven attachment technology
  • 100% Copper-free pad formulation
  • High mechanical bond between friction material and backing plate
  • Friction integrally molded into backing plate
  • Welded wire mesh on backing plate ensures mechanical attachment
  • Protect your fleet from shearing common with other disc pads