Air Disc Brake
Pads & Rotors

Over the course of the last 20 years, air disc brakes have begun to make inroads within the North American heavy duty industry. Transit buses were among the early adopters of this braking technology. Marathon Brake Systems, a heavy duty friction leader for more than 30 years, introduced its first air disc pad for transit applications in 2003. Now Marathon has applied its braking expertise to develop a complete line of DiscStar air disc brake pads and rotors for a wide range of heavy duty applications.

Pads & Rotors
an Unbeatable Combination

Marathon's DiscStar pads and rotors are engineered to exceed OE specifications and are manufactured in world class ISO certified plants. These products are designed to address a wide range of aftermarket air disc brake applications, including on-highway trucks and trailers, motor coaches, transit buses, school buses, fire trucks, and waste haulers. Fleets that use DiscStar pads and rotors together will have confidence in their stopping power while maximizing pad and rotor life, reducing noise and lowering maintenance costs.

  • DiscStar pads and rotors engineered to exceed OE specifications
  • Manufactured in World Class ISO certified plants
  • Marathon air disc pads proven performers for more than 15 years
  • Pad and rotor compatibility has been engineered into our friction materials and verified with RP628C and SAE J2115 wear testing standards
  • Specific pad formulations and rotor designs for wide range of on-highway, motor coach, school bus, severe duty and transit bus applications
  • Family of Products

    - DSHP - Highway Premium Air Disc Pads - 23,000 lb

    A premium brake pad designed for motor coaches and rural buses

    - Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pads

    A premium disc pad designed for hydraulic disc brake systems

    - Air Disc Rotors

    A complete line of air disc brake rotors engineered to OE specifications

    - DSTP - Transit Premium Air Disc Pads - 28,660 lb

    A high performance brake pad designed for air disc brakes, with exceptional wear and low noise characteristics.

    - DSTP - Severe Service Air Disc Pads

    A long life, low noise brake pad designed for severe duty and multiple stop air disc brake applications. Ideal for fire trucks, refuse and heavy haulers.

    - Marathon's Disc Pad Attachment Technology

    Our proven attachment technology creates a high mechanical bond between friction material and backing plate.