Recent years have seen the heavy-duty transportation market begin the move to disc brakes. Marathon Brake Systems has developed its DiscStar family of commercial vehicle disc pads to address both air and hydraulic disc brake applications. Disc Star Highway Premium (DSHP) is a high performance commercial vehicle disc pad designed specifically for air disc brakes used for on-highway truck, tractor steer and drive axles, and motor coaches. This premium low-metallic material provides a long pad life, quiet stopping and high shear resistance.

Marathon's DiscStar DSTP Vocational pads were created to handle the extreme conditions of severe service air disc brake applications like fire trucks, refuse and more. Formulated using Marathon's severe service ceramic expertise, DiscStar brake pads exhibit less wear, more effective stopping power and high shear resistance.

In order to address the severe duty braking requirements of a wide range of hydraulic disc brake applications, Marathon developed premium DiscStar semi-metallic disc brake pads. This semi-metallic friction material provides high temperature stability and therefore consistent stopping power for school buses, delivery trucks, utility trucks, tow trucks, shuttle buses and any application where stop-and-go service is the norm.

- DSHP - Highway Premium Air Disc Pads - 23,000 lb

A premium brake pad designed for motor coaches and rural buses

- Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pads

A premium disc pad designed for hydraulic disc brake systems

- DSTP - Transit Premium Air Disc Pads - 28,660 lb

A high performance brake pad designed for air disc brakes, with exceptional wear and low noise characteristics.

- DSTP - Vocational Air Disc Pads

A long life, low noise brake pad designed for severe duty and multiple stop air disc brake applications. Ideal for fire trucks, refuse and heavy haulers.