DiscStar Semi-Metallic

A premium disc pad designed for hydraulic disc brake systems

Marathon developed its premium DiscStar semi-metallic disc brake pads to address the severe duty braking requirements of a wide range of hydraulic disc brake applications. This semi-metallic friction material provides high temperature stability and therefore consistent stopping power for school buses, delivery trucks, utility trucks, tow trucks, shuttle buses and any application where stop-and-go service is the norm. DiscStar semi-metallic pads have been formulated to provide a long pad life, minimize rotor wear and ensure quiet operation.

Marathon's DiscStar semi-metallic pad assemblies are integrally molded to ensure excellent shear and flexural strength. The unique friction mix and integral molding process virtually eliminates separations, voids, cracking and delaminations, common in these disc brake applications. DiscStar semi-metallic pads feature the Hi-Density Marathon formulation that will improve your bottom line through better performance and fewer maintenance headaches.

DiscStar Semi-Metallic Delivers

  • Ideal for severe duty hydraulic disc brake applications
  • Hi-Density formulation for excellent heat dissipation
  • Dependable stopping power
  • Longer pad and rotor life
  • Significant noise reduction
  • High shear resistance

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