Disc Star Highway Premium - DSHP

Premium brake pad designed for on-highway trucks, motor coaches and school buses

Marathon has expanded its DiscStar product line to address the continued growth of disc brakes in the heavy-duty market. Disc Star Highway Premium (DSHP) is a high performance commercial vehicle disc pad designed specifically for air disc brakes. DiscStar Highway Premium pads were created for on-highway truck, tractor steer and drive axles, motor coaches, and school buses. This premium low-metallic material is rated for 23,000 lbs. and provides long pad life, quiet stopping and high shear resistance.

Marathon's DiscStar family of air disc brake pads now feature 100% copper-free formulations and in complete compliance with applicable state and federal regulations as part of the Copper-Free Brake Initiative.

In addition, DiscStar Highway Premium features exceptional rotor compatibility and low rotor wear, showing up to 33% less brake rotor wear than the leading OEM linings. By using a proven, reliable attachment method, DiscStar disc pads ensure a high mechanical bond between the friction material and the steel backing plate. As a result, you can rely on DiscStar to provide dependable stopping power, a long pad and rotor life, and significant noise reduction.

DSHP Vocational Delivers

  • Ideal for on-highway commercial applications, including truck, motor coach and school bus
  • 100% Copper-free pad formulation
  • Dependable stopping power
  • Longer pad and rotor life
  • Significant noise reduction
  • High shear resistance
  • Rapid heat dissipation

DSHP Ordering Information

Each order quantity of 1 includes 4 disc pads & hardware kit

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FMSI #Marathon #CaliperPriceQuantity
D1203DSHP1203Knorr-Bremse SB-7, SN-7$165.00
D1311DSHP1311Meritor EX-225 H-2$160.00
D1369DSHP1369Knorr-Bremse SK-7$160.00
D1370DSHP1370Meritor EX-225 L-2$160.00
D1517DSHP1517WABCO PAN 19$164.00
D1518DSHP1518WABCO PAN 17$142.00
D1777DSHP1777MAXWABCO MAXX22T$170.00
D1777DSHP1777PANWABCO PAN 22$170.00