New Brake Shoes

OEM quality brake shoes built to industry standards

Achieving maximum life and safety from your friction material begins with its foundation... the brake shoe. Ensure the performance of your brake linings with a new brake shoe from Marathon. Our new shoes are manufactured and tested to the highest OEM standards.

New Brake Shoes Deliver

  • E-Coating (electro-deposition coating)
    applied to every Marathon brake shoe to prevent rust jacking. All Marathon brake shoes are environmentally tested to withstand 1,000 hours of salt spray testing. That's DOUBLE the standard of other OEMs!
  • Higher Grade Steel
    All shoe tables and webs are made from high grade carbon steel, which adheres to tightly controlled specifications to ensure weld strength and performance.
  • Seam-Welding
    Unlike competitors who only spot-weld, Marathon welds along the shoe's entire table/web seam, for added strength and durability.
  • Heat Treating
    We treat roller and anchor journals to harden the steel and prevent wear like distortion and mushrooming, which can result in slippage and cause excessive lining wear.
  • TS16949 Certification
    All Marathon shoes are manufactured under the highest quality OE certification.
  • Precise Dimension Monitoring
    Critical dimensions such as shoe radius are monitored and controlled with computerized gauges to ensure Marathon brake shoes will provide uniform, balanced braking performance and prevent "hot spots," which can shorten friction life.
  • Made in America
    Marathon new brake shoes are manufactured in the USA with steel from US suppliers, ensuring quality and carbon content that meets OE standards.
  • Thick Construction
    Thicker steel for platform, web and base than most competitors.