New Air Disc Pads for On-highway Trucks and Motor Coaches from Marathon

Cartersville, GA - October 12, 2016 - Marathon Brake Systems introduces DiscStar Highway Premium (DSHP) brake pads designed for air disc brake systems used in on-highway truck, tractor steer and drive axles and motor coach applications. DSHP is premium low-metallic friction material rated for 23,000 lbs. and formulated to provide a longer pad and rotor life than OE pads, while delivering a significant noise reduction.

DiscStar Highway Premium is a high performance commercial vehicle disc pad that features exceptional rotor compatibility and shows up to 33% less brake rotor wear than leading OE linings. DSHP uses a proven, reliable attachment method to ensure a high mechanical bond between the friction material and the steel backing plate for a high resistance to shearing. The rapid heat dissipation characteristic of DiscStar pads is a key feature resulting in its longer pad life and dependable stopping power.