My lining life has increased by over 20 percent on drive axle shoes and over 50 percent on the steer axles

Prior to discovering Marathon Brake linings, my fleet had chronic issues with rust jacking leading to premature removal of the brake shoe. Although I tried many different brake products, nothing solved my problem. Once I found Marathon's Heat Star lining I was completely hooked. Converting to Heat Star has completely solved my rust jacking issues. Since I began using Heat Star 5 years ago, I've never had a brake shoe issue, and my lining life has increased by over 20% on drive axle shoes and over 50% on the steer axles. Because I know that Heat Star is a stronger, higher density material, I no longer have concerns about stopping safely, which is important for my fleet - a truckload carrier. Overall, Heat Star has saved me the cost of a brake job over the life of each of my vehicles, which has resulted in a great savings for Houff Transfer Inc.

Michael Fulk VP of Maintenance
Houff Transfer Inc.
Weyers Cave, VA