Marathon's OE Transit Approved Transit Brake Pads Provide Superior Stopping Power

Specifically formatted to handle the high temperatures and heavy–duty demands of most transit applications‚ Marathon Brake’s OE Transit Approved KVT Transit and MBST brake linings feature excellent brake fade and recovery characteristics as well as a long service life. Both linings meet Federal regulations for brake effectiveness‚ fade and recovery in accordance with FMVSS 121 test procedure‚ and are rated for up to nearly 29‚000 lb axle loads.

The semi–metallic friction material found in MBST offers high heat stability‚ allowing for consistent brake power in even the toughest transit applications. With the longest lining life in its class‚ the Marathon MBST brake lining is extremely drum friendly and is rated for 26‚000 lb axle loads.

 KVT transit is an organic‚ non–asbestos brake lining that combines stopping power and quiet operation with a long lining life. Ideal for intra/intercity bus fleets‚ the KVT transit from Marathon Brake features dependable stopping performance‚ excellent brake fade and recovery characteristics‚ and is extremely drum friendly. The KVT transit has the longest lining life in its class‚ and is rated for 28‚660 lb axle loads.

MBST and KVT transit linings also feature the Hi–Density friction formulation offered by Marathon. Hi–Density friction materials hold more heat energy‚ resulting in better heat dissipation. By utilizing higher quality and heavier raw materials‚ Marathon’s Hi–Density friction materials have stronger structural integrity and are more resistant to brake fade‚ water fade‚ and overall wear characteristics, especially at higher temperatures.