Fleet Focus: AMX Trucking, Inc.

Alabama Motor Express Improves Maintenance ROI with Marathon

Alabama Motor Express, a.k.a. AMX Trucking, Inc., runs a tight ship, which of course is pretty much a necessity if you're going to succeed in today's hyper-competitive trucking industry. As a general dry box carrier that hauls freight throughout the US lower 48, the AMX fleet carries widely varying loads across even more widely varying terrain. Finding the right brake lining to stand up to such a range of conditions while delivering consistent stopping power with a long lining life was a challenge and priority for AMX.

In order to maximize uptime for their trucks and trailers, AMX pays close attention to maintenance details and demands the products used within their fleet perform to an extremely high standard. Headquartered in Ashford, AL, AMX has a full service maintenance department that handles a fleet of more than 250 trucks and 600 trailers.

For years AMX had struggled to find a brake lining that would satisfy their safety concerns for reliable stopping under often difficult conditions while providing wear characteristics that would fit their desired brake reline schedule. About 10 years ago, AMX's brake shoe reline partner, Tri States Brake Center, suggested to Jackie Dansby, AMX Maintenance Director, that he give Marathon Brake Systems' HeatStar friction material a full trial.

Mr. Dansby summarized the transition to HeatStar "Our fleet is a tough customer, we haul a lot of different loads all over the US and Canada. We were having a hard time finding a brake lining that could give us the lining life we wanted while stopping our trucks every time. From the moment we gave Marathon's HeatStar a try, it's truly been a star."

HeatStar is a premium brake lining rated for 23,000 lb. axle loads and specifically formulated to handle varied loads over varied terrain, including tough mountains. Dansby concluded by saying, "We've been running HeatStar for more than 10 years now, with consistent performance and no problems. Our brake reline cycle has been extended and HeatStar has definitely helped our maintenance ROI. And our drivers are happy with the way our trucks stop."

"From the moment we gave Marathon's HeatStar a try, it's truly been a star."

Jackie Dansby
AMX Maintenance Director