Fleet Star - FS20

Fleet Star - FS20

A premium grade brake lining designed for 20,000 lb axle load applications

Marathon's Fleet Star FS20 lining is a premium quality material designed to deliver dependable stopping power with a long lining life. Ideal for over-the-road freight, general hauling and other standard heavy-duty vocations that do not require a severe service lining. With excellent stopping power and resistance to fading, FS20 meets Federal regulations in accordance with FMVSS 121 test procedure and is rated for 20,000 lb axle loads. In addition, FS20 meets NHTSA requirements for reduced stopping distance (RSD).

FS20 linings feature the Hi-Density Marathon formulation (detailed at right) that will improve your bottom line through better performance and fewer maintenance headaches.

FS20 Delivers

  • Hi-Density formulation for excellent heat dissipation
  • Dependable stopping performance
  • Excellent brake fade and recovery characteristics
  • Works on a broad range of over-the road hauling applications
  • Extremely drum friendly
  • Meets NHTSA requirements for RSD- reduced stopping distance

FMVSS 121 Test Results

Testing conducted in accordance with F.M.V.S.S. #121 criteria @ 20,000# axle load: 16 1/2 x 7" S-cam air brake; 30 x 5.5 input power; and a 20.8" tire rolling radius. Shaded area indicates non-compliance.

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