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Marathon’s high performance line of premium‚ versatile friction materials are designed for heavy loads‚ tough terrain and over–the–road hauling and deliver excellent service life‚ lowering your cost per mile and overall brake maintenance costs. Marathon Brake linings are suitable for a variety of tough applications‚ including liquid tanker‚ grain‚ cement‚ logging‚ sand and gravel‚ oil delivery‚ refuse‚ as well as general over–the–road hauling.

HS – Heat Star™ – 23,000 lb
A versatile friction material designed for heavy loads & tough terrain, yet excellent for over-the-road hauling
HS20 – Heat Star™ 20 – 22,000 lb
A high performance premium brake lining designed for a wide range of over-the-road hauling
FLOE – First Line OE – 23,000 lb
A premium friction material suitable for heavy loads as well as over-the-road hauling
KVT – Vocational – 25,000 lb
A long life friction material designed for severe duty and multiple stop braking
TS – Traction Stopper – 25,000 lb
An organic friction material providing a long lining life in severe duty and multiple stop applications
UB – UniBlock – 20,000 lb
Our premium “Universal Block” designed for standard heavy duty vocations
MV20 – Marathon Value – 20,000 lb
Standard grade, asbestos-free friction materials developed specifically for the extremely price sensitive buyer
MV23 – Marathon Value – 23,000 lb
Standard grade brake linings designed for severe duty applications
DSHP – Disc Star Highway Premium Air Disc Pads – 23,000 lb
Premium brake pad designed for on-highway trucks and motor coaches

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Friction Varied Application

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