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One of the most significant design characteristics of any heavy–duty brake lining is its density. When higher quality and heavier raw materials are used in a lining’s formulation‚ it creates a higher mass in the block – otherwise known as high density. Truck brakes are designed to convert the energy of a moving vehicle into heat energy. A higher density increases the lining’s ability to efficiently handle heat‚ and is the most critical component in a friction material’s fade‚ wear and recovery. Marathon’s higher density linings exhibit significantly better wear characteristics‚ especially at higher temperatures so they are less likely to crack while in service. And with easily recognizable edge color–coding‚ you’ll be able to locate the brake lining that works best for you.

  • Higher density friction materials have the ability to hold more heat energy and therefore more efficiently dissipate the heat
  • Higher density friction materials have stronger structural integrity, making them less likely to crack in service, while riveting or due to rust jacking
  • Higher density linings exhibit significantly better wear characteristics, especially at higher temperatures
  • Higher density friction materials are more resistant to brake fade and water fade

Marathon is also skilled at designing friction products for unique duty cycles applications‚ engineered for safety and superior wear life. Additionally‚ our experienced sales force will help train your sales team and assist you when selling to your fleet customers.

For a partnership with a stable supplier who will be here for years to come‚ look to Marathon.

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